Ceramsite sand casting

Ceramsite sand casting is more environmental protection than quartz sand, this ia new sand for steel casting, is a refractory material particle made from high-quality bauxite through processes such as electric melting, high-temperature melting, granulation, and screening.has small thermal expansion coefficient, good sand mold stability, no cracking, and reduces Casting defect such as veins caused by sand expansion.has a particle size close to spherical, a smooth surface, and a dense structure, which enables the binder to evenly cover, has good flowability, and is easy to compact.has high hardness, is not easily broken, and produces almost no ash. The amount of resin added can be reduced by more than 30%, which can reduce the gas generation of mold/core sand and reduce the risk of pore formation.The mullite phase of Baozhu sand is much higher than that of sintered products, with a high fire resistance that exceeds the pouring temperature of molten steel. It is suitable for large-scale steel castings and alloy steel molding, and can completely replace chromium ore sand, making the molding convenient and non sticking. Good recycling and regeneration performance, high durability and regeneration recovery rate, with a regeneration rate of up to 98%

we produce the steel casting for railtrasit and construction machinery parts,

equipped with the automatic molding line

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