We have been equipped with cutting, bending, welding and CNC machines, which can be used for producing the heavy machine bed frames/chassis/mount

we can divide the assemble drawing, and sourcing the component,design a better production process for them,

material can be carbon steel,alloy steel, stainless steel,heat resistant steel etc,

The steel plates were cut by flame/plasma/laser cutting machine, and then welded by CO2 welding process.  if the welding lines are much,then we need to annealing to relief the stress and send sand blasting for the surface, some sizes may will change after welding, so we have to machining them after welding to hold the tolerance.

we can further add the post-treatment by the 5-faces CNC machining process, such as the hole drilling, the surface milling, etc.

these thick steel mount usually used for heavy duty parts.The machine bed frames have been widely used in wind power, powder metallurgy, and solar energy industries.windy energy equipment,

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